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Though stress may be a given in your life, suffering WITH IT or FROM IT is optional!

Being Well Within is committed to providing you with new skills, knowledge and practices you can master in order to change the ways stress impacts your life.

Stress affects your life in many ways, some of which you may not realize. If you are overly stressed you can assume that stress is diminishing – right now – your ability to:

  1. Function effectively at work and avoid time lost to illness
  2. Be your most loving, caring self with your family
  3. Enjoy close, lasting friendships
  4. Think creatively and strategically about career and life choices
  5. Maintain your general wellbeing, health, energy and longevity

Depression, anxiety, low morale at work, irritability, and anger are only some of the ways in which stress negatively impacts our lives. Research shows that more sick days are used for illnesses relating to stress than any other reason.

Employers suffer when their employees cannot cope effectively with the stress of today’s work environment. Families suffer when the stress and pressure of work and daily responsibilities overwhelm and burden everyday life. You suffer when the stress of work and family responsibilities depletes your energy and your ability to enjoy your life.

Being Well Within will help you learn how to understand and utilize the stresses in your life to motivate, encourage and empower you rather than wear you down!

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Loren Gelberg-Goff, LCSW

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In 2015 our focus is on Self-Care and Resilience, without which we cannot hope to achieve our many important goals for ourselves and the people we care for.

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