Here They Come! Helpful Holiday Survival Strategies

THEY’RE BACK!!! It’s official – the Holidays are upon us! Even if you’re not about to be inundated for Thanksgiving, you may be facing that scenario a month from now with the December holidays also coming up fast. So…if your family gatherings tend to be at all contentious or otherwise uncomfortable, now is a really […]

Self-Care in Times of Crisis and Extreme Emotions

Today’s article is all about taking care of yourself in the face of the almost constant bombardment of information about the extraordinarily upsetting violence that occurred in the last week in Egypt, Paris, Nigeria and Mali. It’s hard to avoid news, especially when it’s 24/7 providing details about tragic events such as the downing of […]

Dealing With Anger About Betrayals – Part 2: 5 Steps to Overcome a Victim Mindset

Last week I responded to a reader’s question about how to handle feelings of betrayal by family members resulting from lies and other hurtful behavior that occurred in the past. The reader wanted to know how to keep those feelings of betrayal from spoiling the upcoming holidays yet again.   My Answer: Part 2 Part […]

How To Deal With Anger About Betrayals – Part 1: It’s Not About Them – Really!

Here’s a Question I received recently from a subscriber: “For a long time I have been feeling betrayed by some of my family members because of a history of being hurt and lied to by them. I can’t understand why they did it, and it seems impossible to let go of my anger about it. […]

When It’s Good To Be Self-Centered

Hey, guess what? It really is ALL ABOUT YOU…and I mean that in the best possible way! Read on to learn the final, essential ingredient for creating positive change in your life. Last week I gave you a 5 step process for seeing your day (and really all the events in your life) differently whenever […]

Be A Change-Maker: Turn “Bad” Days Into Better Ones In 5 Steps

Have you noticed what a GREAT day today is? (…And if that question just made you feel cynical and say, “Yeah, right!” – then definitely keep reading!) If you are utterly convinced that life – and bad days – are all something that happens to you, and especially if you have lots of evidence proving […]

Accepting the Gift of Painful Pop Quizzes

It’s frustrating, to be sure, but so true: the “pop quizzes” that challenge us the most invariably provide the best and most long-lasting learning experiences…if we let them! And that, my fellow humans, can be a big “if” for many of us, most of the time! That’s because the packages pop quizzes come in so […]

The Other 4 Steps for Handling Change with Confidence

Have you been using the process outlined in Step 1 in last week’s article to help you practice new behaviors? Are you making more connections between your feelings about upsetting changes and your habitual reactions? Have you begun to shift into some new desired behaviors instead? Is your self-esteem higher and more consistent as a result? Are […]

Handle Change Better by Doing This One Important Thing

Most of us when confronted with sudden, unwanted changes (and really, isn’t that how nearly all changes show up?), believe that the most important quality we can muster to deal with it is fortitude – our inner strength, also known sometimes as toughness. That makes sense, doesn’t it? A lot of change is difficult, something […]

Finding Grace When Bad Things Happen

…or, What to Do When Your Response to Events is “Something’s WRONG With This Picture!” It’s only natural: we will from time to time catch ourselves saying, thinking or at least feeling something like: “This is not how life is supposed to be!” or, more specifically (since we relate everything back to ourselves): “This is […]