The Other 4 Steps for Handling Change with Confidence

Have you been using the process outlined in Step 1 in last week’s article to help you practice new behaviors? Are you making more connections between your feelings about upsetting changes and your habitual reactions? Have you begun to shift into some new desired behaviors instead? Is your self-esteem higher and more consistent as a result? Are […]

Handle Change Better by Doing This One Important Thing

Most of us when confronted with sudden, unwanted changes (and really, isn’t that how nearly all changes show up?), believe that the most important quality we can muster to deal with it is fortitude – our inner strength, also known sometimes as toughness. That makes sense, doesn’t it? A lot of change is difficult, something […]

Finding Grace When Bad Things Happen

…or, What to Do When Your Response to Events is “Something’s WRONG With This Picture!” It’s only natural: we will from time to time catch ourselves saying, thinking or at least feeling something like: “This is not how life is supposed to be!” or, more specifically (since we relate everything back to ourselves): “This is […]

Bounce Back from Life’s Near-Knockout Punches With These 2 Practices

If you completed last week’s inquiry into what has caused you to feel blind-sided, congratulations! You’re that much more in charge of handling the next unwelcome surprise that comes along. Especially the big ones – they can really take you out! Today I invite you to take it a little deeper and get even more […]

What To Do When You Get Blind-Sided By Life

When was the last time you got blind-sided by life? It’s very helpful to note what sorts of incidents come to mind when you’re asked that question. Does your mind search for the biggest personal and/or professional catastrophes you can recall? Or do they all feel big? Do you have to go back very far? Or […]

Think You’re Not Resilient? Think again! Then do this to become more so….

My message this week is a pretty simple one – yet extremely powerful if you take it to heart and use it! But before I begin, I want to make sure you know about the complimentary educational call I’m hosting this Monday night at 7:30 pm – to which you are cordially invited! It’s called “Fine to Phenomenal: Learning to Take […]

I Spoke Up and No One Heard Me (and How to Change That in 7 Simple Steps!)

Here’s another great question I received recently from a reader. It’s one that I know many people struggle with, so I thought I’d answer it in today’s installment of my  “Reader Q&A Series”… READER QUESTION #3 “I practiced speaking up this week, but I felt like no one heard me, because nothing changed. I don’t know how […]

Use Your Secret Ability to Make EVERY Moment Great

Do you often find yourself feeling tired, discouraged, overwhelmed, or frustrated? Do you get just plain fed up with trying to juggle all of your responsibilities? What if I told you it’s possible to stop feeling that way just by not believing yourself any more when you say you feel those things? Right now you’re […]

Stop Lying to Yourself! Find Your Empowering Truths, with Esteemed Expert Don Miguel Ruiz

Esteemed Expert Interview Series Welcome to the Esteemed Expert Series! I’m so delighted to be sharing with you some interviews from a radio show I had the pleasure to host a few years ago, “Loving the Life You’re In.” In one blog post each month I’m bringing you one of my favorite recordings, packed with wisdom […]

5 Steps to Freedom from Limiting Beliefs

…How to Release the Beliefs That No Longer Serve You, Once and For All! In the previous blog post about letting go of limiting beliefs, I walked you through a process for uncovering the beliefs that are holding you back from your desired outcomes. Now that you have a list of those limiting beliefs, and […]