What if Isolation is What You Secretly WANT?

Last week I wrote about how easy it is for caregivers to become socially isolated, and discontinue activities they used to enjoy, without even realizing it’s happening. I suggested ways to become aware that’s happened, and take steps to “get back out there” and do the things that make them feel happy and fulfilled. But…what […]

Move Beyond Settling For Less Than What You Really Want

Just a quick note to see if I can help get the gears turning in your mind about how to be bolder and more confident when making your New Years resolutions this week…. I know I’ve always taught you about the benefits of using affirmations and declarations as a way to instill in yourself new […]

My 2015 Holiday Gift to You: The 12 Days of “Trustmas”

As you prepare for your holiday festivities this week (or maybe for some much-needed quiet time!), I just wanted to give you a gift from my heart: a poem that’s meant to empower and sustain you even in the most trying of times. It doesn’t take long to read, but I hope the theme and […]

The Best Gift to Give AND Receive

Nothing would make the holiday season more joyful and bright than to celebrate it free from any resentments, grudges and anger you’ve been hanging on to. Even if you’re not going to be around anyone who stirs up those feelings in you, just storing such feelings buried beneath the surface has a profound impact. That […]

Can Damaged Relationships Be Recovered?

Besides the many sibling and parent/child challenges that I hear about on nearly a daily basis, I frequently have occasion to help my clients navigate the stresses of difficult professional encounters. Whether it’s a boss/subordinate relationship, networking groups or business associates, where career success and money are on the line the stakes are always high! […]

Forgiveness – An Essential Skill in the World of a Caregiver

If forgiveness were easy, this article wouldn’t be necessary…. But the reality is, forgiveness is often difficult. And in the world of caregiving, forgiveness can be fraught with much confusion and stress. I have received a number of requests from caregivers dealing with forgiveness challenges with people they are caring for who they feel didn’t […]

Here They Come! Helpful Holiday Survival Strategies

THEY’RE BACK!!! It’s official – the Holidays are upon us! Even if you’re not about to be inundated for Thanksgiving, you may be facing that scenario a month from now with the December holidays also coming up fast. So…if your family gatherings tend to be at all contentious or otherwise uncomfortable, now is a really […]

Self-Care in Times of Crisis and Extreme Emotions

Today’s article is all about taking care of yourself in the face of the almost constant bombardment of information about the extraordinarily upsetting violence that occurred in the last week in Egypt, Paris, Nigeria and Mali. It’s hard to avoid news, especially when it’s 24/7 providing details about tragic events such as the downing of […]

Dealing With Anger About Betrayals – Part 2: 5 Steps to Overcome a Victim Mindset

Last week I responded to a reader’s question about how to handle feelings of betrayal by family members resulting from lies and other hurtful behavior that occurred in the past. The reader wanted to know how to keep those feelings of betrayal from spoiling the upcoming holidays yet again.   My Answer: Part 2 Part […]

How To Deal With Anger About Betrayals – Part 1: It’s Not About Them – Really!

Here’s a Question I received recently from a subscriber: “For a long time I have been feeling betrayed by some of my family members because of a history of being hurt and lied to by them. I can’t understand why they did it, and it seems impossible to let go of my anger about it. […]