Taking Care of Business…Even When it’s Uncomfortable

Today I want to share a wonderful article with you…that may take you a little by surprise when you see what it’s about. As you’ll see as soon as you click to read the article, that’s by design – specifically because it’s a topic that many of us “don’t get around to” thinking about, or […]

5 Daily Commitments You Must Make to Yourself When Caring for a Family Member

If you’ve recently become a caregiver (perhaps unexpectedly!), and especially if it involves caring for a member of your family, I hope you found my last blog post helpful. In it I suggested the steps to take first to orient yourself in your new role so you won’t feel overwhelmed or blind-sided as you take […]

5 Things You MUST Do for YOU When Caring For Difficult People

Picking up on where we left off in the last post…. Let’s say you’ve been caring for someone you’ve known for a long time (maybe your whole life if they’re a family member), and because of age or illness they are no longer the person they used to be. There’s no loving communication coming from […]

Are You Trying to Be a Cheerful Caregiver…While Hiding A Broken Heart?

I can’t tell you how often this dilemma comes up in client sessions and my conversations with colleagues. It occurs very frequently among people who are taking care of family members (but professional caregivers are not immune!). It’s an issue that’s important to deal with head-on, because ignoring it will only make it worse. So here […]

The 5-Step Solution To Never Feel Rejected Again

Last week I shared a question from a reader about how to handle the upset feelings that come with finding out that after your parent turned down an offer from you…they turned around and asked your sibling for the very thing you had offered! I wrote last week about why that can be such a […]

Feeling Rejected? Change Your Beliefs…and Speak Up!

Got a great Question from a reader this week: “My mother has been in and out of the hospital for the past month. I’ve offered to take my father to the hospital to visit (he doesn’t drive any more), and he always says “No, you don’t have to…” …and then later it turns out he […]

What if Isolation is What You Secretly WANT?

Last week I wrote about how easy it is for caregivers to become socially isolated, and discontinue activities they used to enjoy, without even realizing it’s happening. I suggested ways to become aware that’s happened, and take steps to “get back out there” and do the things that make them feel happy and fulfilled. But…what […]

Move Beyond Settling For Less Than What You Really Want

Just a quick note to see if I can help get the gears turning in your mind about how to be bolder and more confident when making your New Years resolutions this week…. I know I’ve always taught you about the benefits of using affirmations and declarations as a way to instill in yourself new […]

My 2015 Holiday Gift to You: The 12 Days of “Trustmas”

As you prepare for your holiday festivities this week (or maybe for some much-needed quiet time!), I just wanted to give you a gift from my heart: a poem that’s meant to empower and sustain you even in the most trying of times. It doesn’t take long to read, but I hope the theme and […]