How to Have a Perfect Family Holiday (Yes, With YOUR Family!)

If you were to choose your top three goals for 2015, would any of the three be about relationships with family members, or your role in your family? Many times these relationships have a huge but largely ignored impact on us. We “forget” the discomfort of certain long-running family frictions or frustrations for most of […]

Do You “Fit In” With Your Family?

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, and especially if you’ve attended any of my teleseminars, workshops and support groups, then congratulations – your higher level of commitment has put you on a path toward “healing from the source.” Every day we all have opportunities to bring in positive thoughts and messages about ourselves […]

Summing Up a Year (Almost!) of Learning and Growth

2014 has been a jam-packed eleven months so far, with plenty of things to celebrate as well as everyone’s fair share of challenges! I hope you’re giving yourself credit for what you’ve accomplished, and cutting yourself some slack around the things that haven’t yet evolved to where you’d like them to be. To reinforce what I […]

Giving Thanks For Who You Are

Through My Eyes . If you could see yourself through my eyes, You’d see how beautiful you are. If you could see yourself through my eyes, You’d see how you sparkle when you smile; If you could see yourself through my eyes, You’d see how you light up when you’re just being you. If you […]

Navigating Unexpected Reactions to Your New Behaviors

Last week I asked you to choose one new behavior that reflects your most positive self-image and reinforces the belief that, “Who I am is enough!” Did you make your choice? If not, take a moment and do so right now. Once you have your choice in mind, think of a recent situation where you […]

Practicing New Behaviors: Set Yourself Up For Success!

Last week’s article was about nurturing your positive self-image, trusting your instincts in identifying your most passionately desired outcomes, and consciously managing any fear-based thoughts that would try to take you off course. No small task, as you’ve probably noticed! However, the tyranny of doubts, fears and self-limiting beliefs is just the half of what makes […]

Practicing New Behaviors That Enhance Your Life

Today I want to shine a light on how you can create new ways of thinking and acting that will serve you well. As you travel down the road of life with the goal of continuing to add to your successes, you (like all of us!) will always need to continue the inner work of developing a […]

The Trick (and Treat!) in Unmasking Your Authentic Self

…or, How to make friends with the real YOU – even the scary parts! People often feel there’s something that needs to be “fixed” about them before they can be truly lovable (or even acceptable) to themselves or others. This belief is so powerful that it creates a drag on a person’s growth, success and […]

Why The World Needs People Just Like YOU

The subtitle of this post should be: (psst! You Have No Idea of Your True Worth!) …because I’m willing to bet that statement is as true of you as it is of most people. For instance… Do you look in the mirror and like the person you see, or do you look in the mirror […]

Take Off Your Mask (…You Are NOT A Fraud!)

The tradition of Halloween and costumes in October offers a great opportunity to talk about the very common feeling of “being a fraud.” Do you often think, when someone gives you a compliment, that what you did that they are complimenting “wasn’t really all that” and that you don’t deserve the praise? Do you also […]