The Trick (and Treat!) in Unmasking Your Authentic Self

…or, How to make friends with the real YOU – even the scary parts! People often feel there’s something that needs to be “fixed” about them before they can be truly lovable (or even acceptable) to themselves or others. This belief is so powerful that it creates a drag on a person’s growth, success and […]

Why The World Needs People Just Like YOU

The subtitle of this post should be: (psst! You Have No Idea of Your True Worth!) …because I’m willing to bet that statement is as true of you as it is of most people. For instance… Do you look in the mirror and like the person you see, or do you look in the mirror […]

Take Off Your Mask (…You Are NOT A Fraud!)

The tradition of Halloween and costumes in October offers a great opportunity to talk about the very common feeling of “being a fraud.” Do you often think, when someone gives you a compliment, that what you did that they are complimenting “wasn’t really all that” and that you don’t deserve the praise? Do you also […]

How To Deal With Uncomfortable Differences

We all want to be loving people, who “live and let live” and observe the Golden Rule. Yet it is often difficult to accept other people’s habits, behaviors and/or attitudes when they are different from ours. Our internal “radar” quickly picks up on differences and translates those differences into a sense of physiological discomfort. This […]

Are You Feeling Courageous?

Are you feeling courageous today? Is it written on your schedule: “Take on the world today – and win!” No? (And if not, are you feeling a little regretful now, because you don’t feel courageous?) Well, just in case you aren’t naturally buoyant with your own power today, I highly encourage you (pun intended!) to boost […]

Why We Hold On So Tightly To Regrets

Sometimes guilt or regret over something in the past can be hard to banish from our thoughts and feelings, even with great “experience re-framing” tools such as I shared with you in Dr. Simington’s article last week. When you don’t release your sense of regret and forgive yourself – either because you don’t try the […]

Releasing Regret in Favor of Forgiveness

While taking various actions this month to fulfill my intention to create a “Local Day of Forgiveness” on Saturday, September 27th here in New Jersey, I discovered a gem of an article that I just have to share with you. I found it on author, educator and therapist Dr. Jane Simington’s website. It’s a beautiful […]

Don’t Let Opportunities for Help Slip Through Your Fingers

As we ease out of summer and into the transitional month of September, I want to talk to you about the importance of asking for help, especially when things seem overwhelming and beyond our ability to comprehend and accept. The last month has brought with it a number of unexpected, upsetting and sometimes shocking transitions of a […]

4 Simple Steps for Curing Fun Avoidance

Are you starting to recognize that you may be indulging in the “fun avoidance” I described in last week’s post? Does it seem like too much work to deliberately create some fun when being glum is so much easier? If so, consider that almost nobody gets enough fun, relaxation and uplifting activity these days, given […]

Why You May Actually Be AVOIDING Having FUN

It may sound crazy, but all too often people are literally afraid of feeling happy. These individuals certainly didn’t start out that way – in fact, some of them were the happiest children of all. Think about how children approach life: constantly in search of more fun, play and adventure. So what happens to them later […]