Amazing: How Strengthening Your Self-Esteem Changes The World

Increasingly these days, we wake up to a lot of news about how things are not right with the world. As it happens, there is also a lot of good going on, but in these days of instant global communications and social media, it sometimes seems like the number and significance of bad outweighs the […]

Wake Up To Your True Worth And Power

It’s official: it’s March 20th and Spring has sprung! And while the grass may not have “riz” yet where you live, an increase in warmth, sunshine and rebirth of all kinds is just around the corner. Here in New Jersey, that’s really something to celebrate! I love this time of year for the sense of […]

Self-Care and Self-Renewal Tips from Esteemed Expert Dr. Carmel-Ann Mania

Self-Care and Self-Renewal Tips from Esteemed Expert Dr. Carmel-Ann Mania

Esteemed Expert Interview Series Welcome to the Esteemed Expert Series! I’m so delighted to be sharing with you some interviews from a radio show I had the pleasure to host. In one blog post each month I’ll be bringing you one of my favorite recordings, packed with wisdom and proven resources you can put to use […]

Are You All Set To Spring Into Action Toward Your 2015 Goals?

Let’s face it: when you’re snowed in by eight foot foot “drifts” that look more like mountains, and/or below zero temperatures, it can be hard to remember to focus on practicing the sort of life-enhancing practices I teach here in my blog. The stress of a months-long disruption of normal activities has been like one […]

How to Achieve Patience When You Think You’re Not Enough

We all know that “Patience is a virtue.” But let’s face it: we’re only human! And that means that whenever we encounter frustrating situations or people – and especially when there’s something we think we “should have done better!” – we’re quick to become impatient with our apparent imperfections or “failures”. The good news is, as you […]

Nurturing Yourself as You Are Changing (The Cell Phone Model)

Ok, so here we are at week 3 of February’s theme, “Being Patient With Yourself While Making Changes.” If you’ve been following the process for the last two weeks, you’ve now got your 3-5 desired changes clearly in mind, and you’re aware of the extent to which you will resist changing them. You’re clear about […]

Accepting and Loving Who You Are – and Who You Are Becoming

Did you do the 5 steps from last week’s post? Have you identified the 3-5 changes you’d love to make in 2015? Did you rank them in order of difficulty? Did you make sure each one is the “right size” for taking on with a reasonable expectation of success? If not, you may want to […]

Be Patient With Yourself While Making Changes

We live in a time where everything now moves at a hyper-accelerated pace. We expect instant gratification, and most people have very little tolerance for things happening at even a slightly slower rate – we want everything NOW! There’s even a bumper sticker that says “G-d grant me patience…but hurry.” Most people laugh at this […]

Gratitude for Creature Comforts: Cozying Up in the Cold of Winter

Sometimes when the “big things” don’t seem to be turning out exactly as you’d like them to, it’s time to focus on our appreciation of what seem like the “little things” in life that give us sustenance. Fortunately, we don’t have to look far to find a few things for which we are very grateful […]

What if We All Started Every Conversation With Gratitude?

I’m hoping today’s post will get you thinking…and better yet, practicing what I’m about to describe! The germ of this idea came to me after President Obama’s State of the Union Address this week – and trust me I’m NOT going reference any content in the speech, or get into where I or anyone else stands […]